Rapid Sales Growth.

Customers don't want to be sold to, they want your help to make the the right choice in what to buy

No two businesses, customers or sales processes are the same, nor should they be. We spend a lot of time with your sales team, listening to what they do, how they do it, and what impressions they get from their customers, before we ever start talking with them about change.

It's the trust we build and the understanding we share, that then allows us to provoke and inspire your team to fundamentally rethink their approach: from how they spend their time and the way they engage with customers, to how they lead their customers through the buying process, using expert questions and innovative ideas, building trust, commitment and value at every step.

We share the frameworks, demonstrate the techniques and language, and use extensive exercises and role-plays, to challenge their preconceptions and to help them transform their own approaches to sales.

How we work:

We help your team take their capability to the next level across five areas:

  • How efficiently you attract and inspire interest in potential customers
  • How effectively you convert that interest into a transaction and a long term relationship
  • How customers see the value in your offer and what they're prepared to pay for it
  • How much of their business they're prepared to commit and trust to you
  • How quickly you can build on the first sale to develop more relationships and more business

We've helped dozens of clients to turn the dial on all five areas, and seen dramatic sales growth as a result. On many occasions our projects have returned on their investment before they've even completed.

What clients have said:

“Having Martyn help us develop our selling skills was an amazing investment. It’s already paid for itself 5x over in just 10 weeks.”
Sharron McIndoe, Head of Training and Consulting, National Autistic Society

"We used to just go in and spray out everything we did, and hoped at some point that something might stick; now we go in and find out exactly what they need, and show them we've got the ideal solution."
Luke Boxall, Account Manager, Advance Group

"Martyn many thanks for an excellent session. It has really helped formulate my thoughts and presentations for the coming meetings"
Paul Adrian, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, King of Shaves

"I have never felt more confident going into a buyers meeting."
Stu Jolley, Founder, Wingman Products Ltd



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