Positioning To Win.

Why should customers choose you rather than someone else? We help you become their first choice, every time.

Positioning is one of the most important decisions any business can take: defining how it will stand out from the crowd, beat the competition and win the customer's loyalty. Businesses succeed by being either the cheapest or the best, but when is "cheapest" a false economy, what defines "best" in the mind of the customer, and why should they choose you rather than doing it themselves or going without?

Putting pin-sharp clarity around your positioning is about answering those questions. It's about working out what makes you tick, what makes your organisation special, what the greatest value is that you can provide. It's about imagining what you could do that would dazzle your customers and put you head and shoulders above the field, or perhaps in a field of your own. And it's about exploring what it would take to make that happen.

Are you ready to move from being an option, to being the only option?

What we do:

  • Help you break down your current proposition and that of your competitors
  • Help identify core strengths and untapped opportunities to extend what you do
  • Deploy a variety of scenarios and creative tools to help you develop innovative ideas
  • Challenge you and your team to think beyond current markets and prevailing business models
  • Provoke more radical thinking that could disrupt or permanently shift the market in your favour
  • Introduce frameworks to help define what your future positioning could and should be
  • Help you develop clear plans to engage with your people and your customers, to validate, refine and implement that positioning, to anticipate and take advantage of the competitor response, and to open clear blue water between you and them

What clients have said:

"Martyn, great job. The style, content, story telling and positioning will be a great benchmark for the future. The hours of thinking and challenge have really paid off."
Sarah Scammell, Finance Director, Weight Watchers UK

"Yesterday's session really helped us to see a picture of the future. You certainly made a few important things much clearer."
Peter Dinan Managing Director, Advance Group

"After half a day with Martyn on product & brand strategy, I have never felt more confident... Thoroughly worthwhile, has given me complete focus and clarity"
Stu Jolley Founder, Wingman Products Ltd

"Thanks Martyn for helping us to be ambitious and aim to change the world for autistic people"
Carol Povey, Director of the Centre for Autism, National Autistic Society




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