Next Level Leadership.

Take your leadership to the next stage and your organisation to the next level of performance

A lack of leadership capability across the senior team is often the single biggest factor in stalling performance and business failure, and a continuous, relentless raising of the leadership bar is one of the most critical ingredients for long-term success. 

Rapid growth compounds the leadership challenge, puting huge stresses on those at the top if they don't have a strong enough team around them. Most high growth leaders almost by definition have never run a business as big or as complex as the one they're running today, let alone the one they aim to be running in three or five years time.

To sustain success, you need to be constantly finding and developing new talent you can trust; building sales, marketing and operations skills in others; strengthening your leadership team and board; and deciding how you will retain your quality and culture as your organisation grows and evolves. We help you focus, not just on the business you have, but on business you want to become, because what got you here won't necessarily get you there.

What we do:

We specialise in helping CEOs, owners and founders to:

  • Step out of the fray, to see the woods for the trees and to visualise new futures and new opportunities
  • Focus on delivering the next stage of growth while still managing the growth that's already happening
  • Define the capabilities and structures they will need to support their future scale
  • Understand the talent they have and the pieces they're missing
  • Provide clearer accountability and direction to their teams
  • Bring in next-level structures and processes that drive action, dialogue and ideas while empowering others to step up and lead
  • Develop next-level leaders who can not only to run the day-to-day operation, but ultimately grow, evolve and reshape the business by themselves

Whether your ambition is to become a better leader, to transition control to the next generation, to free up time for new innovations or business ventures, acquisitions or strategic partnerships, or simply to get your life back in balance, we can help you reach that next level.

What clients have said:

"Martyn coached every one of our management team and everyone evolved from it to become better people and better managers"
John Whitehouse, Co-founder, First Choice Group

"The impact Martyn had, was to get the whole team to understand and recognise the key challenges that we face, and how we should all work together differently to tackle them"
Mark Lever, Chief Executive, National Autistic Society

"In addition to developing the business plan, Martyn added further value through his personal recommendations for the development of the organisation and the people within it. I would have no hesitation in working with Martyn again or recommending his work."
Steve Wragg, Chairman, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


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