High Growth Strategy.

Businesses rarely lack opportunities; more often they lack the clarity of focus to realise them

A goal without a plan is a pipe dream.

Any ambitious organisation with more than a handful of people needs to have a clear, compelling strategy - a formal description of what it's trying to achieve, some assumptions on how it might get there, and most importantly, how it will focus it's efforts and resources in order to succeed.

There is no "right way" to create a strategy, and the desire in academic and consulting circles to define one, is the main reason that what should be a very simple excercise has become so overcomplicated and offputting. With the pace of change and competition increasing all around us, and the need to increase the speed and efficiency of everything we do, you can't afford to take months researching and developing a strategy. Fortunately, you don't have to.

We've found that we can help most businesses create an outstanding strategy and plan in just three or four days spaced out over a few weeks.

What we do:

  • We support and challenge you to think strategically, to raise your sights, step out of your comfort zone and push your organisation to be the best it can be.
  • We help you work out what really makes your organisation special, and where you can develop new strengths to take new opportunities.
  • We listen to and question you, often your team as well, to define where you want the organisation to be, and what it might need to look like in the future.
  • We help you take your current performance and competitors apart to find the untapped opportunities close at hand - the diamonds under your feet.
  • We help you interpret the trends and potential changes shaping the future, and see where the space may open up for you to take new share and develop new markets.
  • We help you unpick what's stopping you, and what might get in the way of achieving your ambitions, and to build the plans and skills to break down those barriers.
  • We help you engage and inspire your people, through their involvement and your communication, to unleash their potential and to deliver your vision.
  • We help you set up the processes and decision structures to keep your business on-track, ensuring it gets delivered, and you get the results that you want.

What clients have said:

"Martyn enabled us to pull together the key issues and hypotheses that we could then build a strategy to answer, and we did that with incredible speed"
Andrew Knight, Managing Director, Weight Watchers UK

"What would normally have taken about six months, with your help we did in just a couple of sessions."
Keith Warren, Director, CESA

“Martyn, in three hours we moved light years forward. Great model and great thinking.”
Jan Tregelles, CEO, Royal Mencap Society

"Martyn was able to break down the business, identify the key areas of concern, and put together a really good plan on the big issues... he gave us pure clarity"
John Whitehouse, Co-founder, First Choice Group

"Over simply a few discussions with Martyn we ended up with a comprehensive strategy, embedded in business objectives which could be easily articulated to others. In fact, I have never felt clearer about anything in my entire life."
Zoe Hellman, Head of Public Health, Weight Watchers UK & Europe

"Thank you for the excellent work that went into our 2020 plan. It will be a key document that we will constantly refer to as we move forward."
Steve Coates, Executive Chairman, Advance Group




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