Flawless Delivery.

Your brand is not what you say about yourself, it's what your customers say about you based on their experience.

In an age of social media and instant information, you are no longer in control of how people see your business. The good news is, the most powerful PR team you will ever have is already at your disposal, it's completely free and it's all around you right now, in the form of your customers and employees. They are your best ambassodors, and delighting them is key to your future growth.

An outstanding customer experience isn't something your sales and customer sevices teams can do on their own. It's the result of flawless delivery at every step of the value chain that runs right through your organision and beyond. We help you redefine how customers can interact with you, step-change the quality and consistency of what you deliver to them, and help you take their experience to the next level.

How we work:

  • We draw together all of the feedback, data and insights you have about your customers, their experiences, and how they make their decisions
  • We dig into your performance data, and build a deep understanding, through conversations with your people, about where and how the problems arise
  • We stimulate your creativity, using radically different models from other industries, generating ideas to transform how you market, sell and deliver
  • We help you redefine the entire journey to make it as simple and frictionless as possible for customers to do business with you and to keep coming back
  • We help you develop a clear, shared picture of the ideal customer experience, and what might prevent flawless delivery every time
  • We work with your team to design simpler, more efficient and cost-effective ways to flawlessly deliver that ideal experience 
  • We set up mechanisms for you and the teams to monitor the effect of what they've done, and to empower them to coninue to learn from and improve on the experience every customer receives

What clients have said:

"I learnt more from the first few weeks working with Martyn than the months I'd been in the business before."
Andrew Knight, Managing Director, Weight Watchers UK

"We knew issues were there but we didn't know the right ones to choose in which order. Martyn gave us pure clarity."
John Whitehouse, Co-founder, First Choice Group

"Martyn is a very perceptive and a clear thinker. He was able to develop real rapport with people in the organisation so that he got under the skin very quickly. His insight was first rate, and the work he did for us was of the highest order."
Steve Wragg, Chairman, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

"Martyn has helped us to deliver significant cost savings at Bay Restaurant Group. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him."
Chris Keen, Chief Finance Officer, Bay Restaurant Group

Case Study: Changing the business model for a global brand


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