Executive Advisory.

We work 1:1 with high-performing leaders who are ambitious enough to try things they've never done, smart enough to realise the challenges they will face, and confident enough to ask for help

Being the boss can be a lonely place. But it doesn't have to be…

We help you to get perspective and see the bigger opportunities, to redefine the future of your organisation and your role in making it happen, to overcome your constraints and move to the next level of business and personal growth.

What we do:

  • We act as trusted advisors and confidantes to owners, CEOs and senior executives for some of the UK's best and brightest organisations.
  • We provide a unique and invaluable external perspective born from extensive experience, having worked with over 250 outstanding leaders in the last ten years.
  • We bring unrivalled clarity, objectively and impartiality, to help you make faster, better decisions.
  • We help you retain focus on the most critical things, dramatically improving your impact and productivity.
  • We offer ideas, experiences and proven models from a huge diversity of organisations, sectors and industries.
  • We challenge you to think differently, to consider novel approaches and radical alternatives.
  • We provide a highly responsive and provocative sounding-board for all of your issues and ideas.
  • We give you unlimited, confidential access to our expertise and we guarantee candid, honest and well-grounded advice whenever you need it.

What clients have said:

“Martyn is a first rate strategic thinker and communicator with an excellent commercial perspective on business. He is a trusted advisor, bringing challenge and focus as well as first class analysis and insight."
Andrew Knight, Managing Director, Weight Watchers UK

“Thanks so much for all your support this year. There are conversations we've had which I know have saved me weeks, months or even years of pitfalls. The breadth of wisdom you have at your fingertips is truly awesome.”
Alastair Graham, Fundraising and Commercial Director, The National Autistic Society

"Martyn challenged my thinking, he’s confident and hugely experienced and I’ve enjoyed enormously working with him."
Petra Ingram, CEO, The Brooke

"I cannot believe the progress we’ve made in the last 6 months. Working with you has given me a structure and methodology around which to make confident decisions"
Elizabeth Archer, Programme Director, SENDirect


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