Building the future your customers want.

Nov 2018

Considering all the major economic headwinds and technological transformations that look set to hit the hospitality and catering industry over the next few years, how can its suppliers reimagine the value chain and their role within it, not merely to survive, but to thrive in such rapidly changing times?

Following a morning of future-focused keynotes from CEOs of some of the industry's largest and most influential businesses, Martyn will draw all these threads together, to provoke and challenge with potential visions of what the future could look like. From that starting point, he will facilitate a grand workshop session with over 200 delegates, to evolve their strategic thinking, to help them understand how to position their businesses to flourish and grow in that brave new world.

By end of 90 minutes delegates will

  • Have a greater understanding of the drivers of change and the potential future scenarios for the industry
  • Recognise what they can do in their own areas to maximise their advantages over the coming years
  • Gain a new appreciation of the potential changes that could roll through the value chain, fundamentally transforming its structure
  • Have clarified their own vision of the future, and drafted strategies to help ensure their organisations are positioned to win

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