The future of associations.

Jul 2018

For many traditional associations and events organisations, the future is uncertain. Members are becoming more frugal with their time, more circumspect with their money, and increasingly looking for tangible value from their involvement. Meanwhile, many businesses are adopting subscription, membership and the community-based models that were once the preserve of non-profits, to stunning effect.

To help their members understand these trends and their implications, and to think through the different ways they can use them to their advantage, the Trade Association Forum has invited Martyn to keynote at its annual conference in London, UK, and to share his insights with 150 of the UK's most influential trade association leaders.

In his 30-minute keynote address, Martyn will step through the lessons to be learned from these businesses and share strategic techniques, that will not just help you unlock the future of your association, but will be equally applicable to your members when considering their own uncertain futures.

If you are an association leader and would like to attend, please register at

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