The Digital Transformation.

Jun 2018

The Digital Transformation: 7th June 2018

Venue: CESA Offices, Rotherwick House, 3 Thomas More Street, St. Katharine Docks, London, E1W 1YZ

We are increasingly spending more of our personal and business lives online. The percentage of commerce, both B2C and B2B for which the majority, if not the entirety of the customer journey is electronic, continues to rise ever faster, as our expectations increase. And now, more than ever, customers aren't comparing your digital services with your competitors, but with the global digital giants: Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, Apple.

This unprecedented shift in behaviour, technology and potential capability to personalise, predict, automate and simplify almost every aspect of the customer experience, product and the supply chain behind it, opens huge opportunities for businesses who can look outside the confines and thinking of their traditional industries, and embrace the best of what the rest of the world is developing.

In this seminar, we will cover:

  • From B2C to B2B: the increasing crossover of customer expectations
  • Transformational insights: the latent power of data + intelligence
  • Beyond LEAN: sticky processes and frictionless experiences
  • Platforms and ecosystems: the future landscapes of competition

You will leave the session with:

  • A deeper understanding of the dramatic potential of digitisation
  • A fresh perspective on the customer expectations and journeys of the future
  • A greater awareness of the emerging implications for systems, people and skills
  • A clearer picture of the strategic opportunities and threats facing your business

What attendees of previous seminars have said:

To spend time with an expert and big CESA members to discuss highly relevant topics is an opportunity too good to miss. Martin Wood, CEO HTG Trading

Challenged me to think beyond the regular planning and operation of our business. Well worth the time and train fare invested. Mike Connell, CEO Mobile UK Ltd

Be open minded and take time to think about the future among likeminded people. Phil Williams, CEO Victor Manufacturing

Take some time out from the trenches for some high level structured thinking – you can only benefit. Drewry Pearson, CEO Marco Beverage Systems

Thank you very much for an excellent session this week Martyn. I thoroughly enjoyed [it]. Keith Warren, Director CESA

A valuable opportunity to consider future trends and responses with others from the industry. Nigel Bell, CEO Adande

Professional and experienced insight into how to confront uncertainty and potential change within our industry. Martin Wood, CEO HTG Trading

Make the time and come! Phil Williams, CEO Victor Manufacturing

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