Naidex 2018: Timeless principles of successful business growth.

Apr 2018

Naidex is the powerhouse event of the independent living and disability industries. Taking place over two days from the 25th-26th April at the Birmingham NEC. On the second day of the conference, Martyn will be appearing as a keynote speaker on the Trade stage, addressing business leaders from the care, independent living and disability sectors.

"The archives of business literature are littered with the empty shells of supposed silver bullets: from authentic leadership to holacracy, from blue ocean strategy to “finding your why”. In this 30-minute talk, Martyn quickly cuts through the noise and the myths, deftly pulling together examples from his work in dozens of industries and sectors, to draw out five simple, timeless principles for successfully leading and growing your business or non-profit."

To register to attend, visit the Naidex 2018 website here

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