Charity CEO Breakfast Nov 2015.

Nov 2015

November's Charity CEO Breakfast will address Empowerment and Leadership, specifically we will explore:

  • How to develop "leadership at all levels"
  • How to devolve geographically without compromising quality
  • How to foster an autonomous, self-starting, can-do mindset throughout the organisation

As usual, the event is for CEOs of mid and large charities by invitation. If you would like an invitation, please drop me a line.

What the participants said about our June 2015 Breakfast:

"Thoughtful, credible leaders addressing tough stuff with open minds" Peter Wanless, CEO, NSPCC

"Very interesting discussion. Went away with new ideas" Dr Jane Collins, CEO, Marie Curie

"Educational and insightful at many levels" Sally de la Bedoyere, CEO, Blue Cross

"Very good to hear from really high level and quality people who have the same problems and challenges" Campbell Robb, CEO, Shelter

"Great opportunity to gain an insight into the experience of other CEOs" Marke Castle, CEO, Victim Support

"A rare opportunity to think about an important organisational issue with a peer group of CEOs" David Holmes, CEO, Family Action

"Very stimulating. Great mix of ideas, tools and analysis from Martyn" Jonathan Senker, CEO, Voiceability

"A time to think about your organisation and to learn and share with other CEOs" Caroline White, CEO, Youth Hostel Association

"Excellent conversation sharing insights on issues in a seminar / workshop style" Sally de la Bedoyere, CEO Blue Cross