CEO Business Breakfast May 2015.

May 2015

How do you intend to beat the competition and take the lead in your market?

From film and video to publishing and retail, more and more markets are being disrupted by innovation, and those that haven't are becoming increasingly competitive. And as a result, lots of businesses are finding themselves either caught in a race to the bottom, or worse, left behind completely. How are you planning to step ahead of the competition, and maybe create some disruption of your own?

I will be hosting breakfast for a small, select group of Owners, CEOs and MDs of mid-sized businesses in St Pancras, London on the 12th of May 2015, from 8:00-10:00am. During the discussions, I’ll share some simple, powerful frameworks to help you lead in your market, with real-life examples of how they’re being applied. Plus you’ll get to hear from other leading CEOs who’ve “been there” and are doing it.

You will walk away with powerful approaches and new ideas to help your organisation:

  • Step away from the competition in any number of different ways
  • Find strategic innovation opportunities that could change the game in your market
  • Build the capability to put clear blue water between yourselves and the competition

As always, the cost is free, the group is small, and the session is open, informal and highly interactive. 

If you've not been to one of these breakfasts before, I host them about twice a year for business owners, CEOs and MDs from across all sectors and industries. They give you a rare chance to step right out of the day to day, to meet people in totally different industries with the exact same issues you have, but with completely new ideas about how to solve them. At past breakfasts we’ve had CEOs from companies as diverse as WeightWatchers, King of Shaves, Frank Dale Foods and Fleet Laboratories.

Spaces are limited. To reserve a place, please e-mail an early reply to me at I’ll confirm your place and send you all the information you will need. If you would like to invite a colleague, please contact me in advance.  

Comments from our last CEO Breakfast:

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it really stimulating.” “Many thanks for an enjoyable morning with some keyed up people”  “WOW, loved it - well done on the organising of it – fantastic.”  “Well done, I would certainly be delighted to attend another.” “Seriously, it was the most enjoyable networking breakfast that I have ever been to.” 

Listen to one of the attendees here