Agility and Change.

You know you're in trouble when your customers, markets and competitors are all changing faster than you.

Very few businesses can survive by doing the same things in the same way, year after year, which is why new strategies get developed and revised, and projects get kicked-off to change the organisation. But the pace of change has accelerated enormously over recent years, and your customers don't live their lives in three or five year cycles.

Being able to rapidly evolve your business, what it does, how it does it, and who it does it for, means moving away from big, lumbering change-management projects to a more agile, continuous and evolutionary approach. To become truly agile as a business, you need to be adept at sensing changes and opportunities in your environment, quickly interpreting the implications, and shifting the focus, direction and form of your organisation to take full advantage, not on an annual basis, but in real time.

What we do:

  • Help you see and interpret the developments and trends that could impact your market, your customers and your business model, and to work out how you can harness them to leap past your competition and create new opportunities for growth
  • Make fast, sound, informed decisions about the immediate changes you need to make, and how to engage them through your organisation
  • Create clarity, accountability and management focus to deliver those changes through a series of incremental wins, building confidence and momentum at every step
  • Generate a more entrepreneurial mentality within your team to sense opportunities as they emerge, and to push the organisation to continually evolve and improve
  • Identify and break down the barriers to permanently increase your organisation's agility
  • Shift the culture within your business to embrace change as an engine for future growth

What clients have said:

"Martyn brings instant credibility to any project and consistently exceeds expectations. His instant grasp of the issues, deep analysis and insight, and natural way of engaging the senior team with solutions meant we wasted no time in capitalising on the opportunities."
Chris Keen, Chief Finance Officer, NBTY Europe

"Any organisation that recognises the need for change, and has people who are prepared to be challenged and open minded, will have a really successful working relationship with Martyn. And he's good fun!"
Mark Lever, Chief Executive, National Autistic Society

"Martyn was able to break down the business, identify the key areas of concern, and put together a really good plan on the big issues."
John Whitehouse, Co-founder, First Choice Group

"Martyn had an immediate impact, impressing us not just with his knowledge of retail, but in how quickly he got under the numbers to give a deep, fact-based understanding of the situation, and the way in which he helped everyone to agree and commit to a clear delivery plan to change it."
Tony Kockelbergh, Finance Director, CWG



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