Entrepreneur Breakfast.

Mar 2017

Running your own business can be lonely and stressful, and finding a mentor that suits you can be near impossible, so we have decided, in a move which is probably long overdue, to bring together a community of like-minded business owner-operators, all of whom would like access to a supportive peer group, along with expert advice from outside their organisation.

Joining the community will provide you with a network of like-minded colleagues, many of whom will have done the things you’re trying to do. They will be there for you as a sounding board for your ideas, stimulus for your creativity, and accountability for doing the things that you say you want to do. And over time, you will find yourself doing the same for them.

To kick-start the community, I would like to personally invite you to join us for our first breakfast session at the offices of Bryan Cave, 88 Wood Street, London on Thursday 30th March. Breakfast and networking will start from 8:00am with a facilitated discussion running from 08:30am to 10:30am, after which you will be free to stay and continue the conversation and networking.

The discussion will focus on the key challenges we all face around growth, including:

  • Pace: How fast and how far we should aim to grow
  • People: How and when to get the right people around you
  • Profit: How to manage cash and profitability against investment

This invitation-only event is the first of its kind. The aim is to help us all to find solutions to our most pressing concerns through an honest, open, and highly interactive conversation with a supportive and experienced group of peers. Already registered to attend are: Mats Klingberg, founder of Trunk Clothiers; Linda Pilkington, founder and creator of Ormonde Jayne; and Lyn Harris, Founder of Perfumer H. I would be delighted if you could join us.

Numbers will be strictly limited to ensure that everyone has chance to be heard and helped, and so that we can be confident of genuine peer-level advice, this invitation is not transferrable. If there is someone else in your network who you feel would benefit from attending, please contact me first so I can ensure their fit with the rest of the group.

To register for the event, just drop me a line.

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