Wolverhampton University: Inside the mind of the buyer.

Apr 2016

By popular request following his IoD Breakfast Seminar, Martyn was asked to return to the Wolverhampton University Business School to run a full-day public workshop for business leaders associated with the University, helping them to get inside the mind of the buyer.

Through a highly interactive series of discussions, examples and role play sessions, Martyn stepped through:

  • The three types of Business to Business buyer and the pressures that shape their behaviour
  • The fundamental changes in buyer-seller dynamics and how most decisions are made today
  • The three critical elements of influence, and how to build them with your buyer
  • The three key techniques that dramatically reduce competitive negotiation and conflict
  • How to prepare your team for the future of professional sales in the Business to Business market

By the end of the session, all of the attendees were able to:

  • Define their unique value proposition and bulls-eye buyer
  • Develop strategies for getting deep inside their mind and quickly building strong, trusted relationships
  • Refine the language and techniques for the three phases of the sales development process
  • Practice building trust, value, credibility and commitment through the simple art of enquiry
  • Plan their next steps for building powerful connection and influence with current and future buyers

Feedback from attendees included:

"Thanks again for yesterdays course. I found it really useful."

"Today I learnt how to build lots of small yes questions into that process to facilitate co-creation of a proposal."

"Simple but powerful steps to building a sale."

If you would like to engage Martyn to speak with your team on this topic, drop us a line a info@binleydrake.com

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