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Delivering StrategyStrategy Development, Execution and Change

Effective strategy is 5% ideation and 95% dedication, so we focus on creating strategies and plans that can be simply described, effectively engaged and rapidly delivered.

We work with you and your team to clarify your goals, identify and prioritise opportunities, and create a plan that aligns your investment and resource across your business to quickly deliver your most important objectives.
We help you inspire and engage your people around a clear agenda, bringing them into the discussion and helping them understand their role in realising your vision. 

To ensure fast paced delivery on the ground, we also help you initiate and accellerate your highest value strategic initiatives

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Related Testimonials

  • Martyn's insight was first rate, and the work he did for us was of the highest order. I would have no hesitation in working with him again or recommending his work

    Steve Wragg
    Chairman, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

  • Over simply a few discussions with Martyn we ended up with a comprehensive strategy. In fact, I have never felt clearer about anything in my entire life.

    Zoe Hellman
    Head of Public Health, Weight Watchers UK & Europe

  • Martyn brings instant credibility to any project and consistently exceeds expectations

    Chris Keen
    Chief Finance Officer, NBTY Europe

  • Martyn picked everything up incredibly quickly and delivered beyond expectations... He is a pleasure to work with

    David Hicks
    Medical Director and Deputy Chief Executive, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

  • Martyn, great job on the strategy and presentation. It will be a great training aid for my team and a benchmark for the future

    Sarah Scammell
    Finance Director, Weight Watchers UK

  • Martyn many thanks for an excellent sounding board session. It has really helped formulate my thoughts and presentations for the coming meetings

    Paul Adrian
    Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, King of Shaves

  • I learnt more from the first few weeks of working with Martyn than in the few months that I'd been in the business before

    Andrew Knight
    Managing Director, Weight Watchers UK

  • Any business that's looking to step-change from where they are now, Martyn will provide that level of thinking

    Andrew Knight
    Managing Director, Weight Watchers UK

  • The impact Martyn had, was to get the whole team to recognise the key challenges we face, and how we should all work together differently to tackle them

    Mark Lever
    Chief Executive, National Autistic Society

  • Thanks Martyn for helping us to be ambitious and aim to change the world for autistic people

    Carol Povey
    Director of the Centre for Autism, National Autistic Society

  • Any organisation that recognises the need for change and is prepared to be challenged and open minded, will have a really successful working relationship with Martyn

    Mark Lever
    Chief Executive, National Autistic Society

  • Martyn is a wise professional and a great teacher. He led our team towards clear objectives with great pace and challenge. He opened our eyes to the bigger picture.

    Gill Dixon
    Head, Trent College

  • Martyn, thanks for all your help this year. You made a hell of a difference.

    Alastair Graham
    Director of Fundraising and Marketing, National Autistic Society

  • Martyn challenged my thinking. He’s confident and hugely experienced and I’ve enjoyed working with him enormously

    Petra Ingram
    CEO, The Brooke

  • Thank you Martyn for all that you’ve done. We really appreciate your support at The Brooke

    Petra Ingram
    CEO, The Brooke

  • Thank you for your help, and the value you are bringing to our organisation and thinking

    Peter Dinan
    Managing Director, Advance Group

  • Thank you for the excellent work that went into our 2020 plan. It will be a key document that we will constantly refer to as we move forward.

    Steve Coates
    Executive Chairman, Advance Group

  • In three hours we moved light years forward. Great model and great thinking

    Jan Tregelles
    CEO, Royal Mencap Society

  • What would normally have taken about six months, with your help we did in just a couple of sessions

    Keith Warren
    Director, Catering Equipment Manufacturers Association

  • Martyn brings a vast wealth of knowledge from lots of sectors and industries which can very easily be adapted to suit any business

    John Whitehouse
    Co-founder, First Choice Group

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